Terms & Privacy Policy


Rules for using the service:


  1. When placing an order in the SMMSEND.COM Service (hereinafter referred to as the Service), on the website https://smmsend.com, you confirm that you agree to these Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as the Terms).
  2. We reserve the right to change the Terms without prior notice. Before placing an order, you must ensure that you have read the latest amendments to the Terms.
  3. The Service's services are provided in accordance with the terms and conditions that you accepted when working with the social network. The name, description, cost, availability and other characteristics of the Service's services may be changed at any time without prior notice.
  4. In the event of a change in the cost of the service, the payment and refund policy remains in effect. The service tries to provide the services that the client needs.
  5. For this reason, we reserve the right to independently change the selected service to a similar one, if we consider it necessary for the timely completion of the order.


  1. Question on the order: fill in the order ID specified in the order history. Question on the start of the order and status: the start of the order can be up to 24 hours, regardless of the start time indicated in the description.
  2. The reasons may be different, for example, internal work on the service, updates in the social network, popularity of the service. Please do not create a Support Ticket with a request to check the start of the order or the status if 24 hours have not passed since the creation of the order.
  3. The start of the order may be delayed up to 24 hours even if it is less than specified in the description. Social media is dynamic and launch times may change. A long launch may occur, for example, due to the particular popularity of the selected service, and, accordingly, the emergence of a queue of orders. Any insults or threats against technical support and service may lead to the suspension of your account.


  1. It is not allowed to place an order for the same link (both current and other services) while the previous one is not yet completed / partially completed / canceled.
  2. Orders from another source do not affect our delivery time or process. However, the Service strictly relies on the initial and current counter as seen by our system and does not take into account promotion from other sources.
  3. An order for a live broadcast must be created only after the start of the live broadcast.
  4. An order for a closed profile, or for a resource with a hidden activity counter, may not be fulfilled, except when this is not explicitly written in the description of the service. Before placing such an order, you must make sure that the account is not closed.
  5. The service is intended primarily to increase the numerical indicators of your social network account. We do not guarantee that new subscribers will show any activity. We only guarantee that you will get the number of subscribers you paid for.
  6. The service does not guarantee the retention of subscribers by the social network and does not exclude unsubscribes, however, some services have a guarantee against unsubscribes.
  7. The service does not guarantee that 100% of accounts will have photos, information and other data, but we strive for this.
  8. When ordering subscriptions to future posts, keep in mind that the cost is always calculated at the maximum possible value, even if the minimum and maximum have a significant difference.


  1. When the status returns [Cancelled], the funds for the entire order are automatically returned to the internal balance in the service.
  2. When the status is returned [Partially], funds for the unfulfilled part of the order are automatically returned to the internal balance in the service.
  3. Cancellation / refund for an order in the statuses [pending], [in progress] is possible if the function is supported by the service.
  4. Automatic cancellation / refund for an order is possible for various reasons, if the function is supported by the service. Approximate reasons: wrong link, closed account, disabled account activity counter, prohibited topics, internal work on the service, update on the social network, etc.
  5. Cancellation / return for an order, if the functions are not provided by the service, are possible within seven working days if the order has not started execution for more than 10 days, or the execution of the order has been suspended.
  6. Cancellation / refund for the order is not provided for when we fulfill the obligations specified in the description of the service.
  7. Cancellations / refunds for the order are not provided if the order was made with an error due to your fault. Read the description of the selected service carefully.
  8. Cancellation / refund for an order is not provided in case of placing an order for the same link before the completion of the previous one (both on the current and on other services) due to the inability to make a correct count of subscribers / likes / views, etc.
  9. Cancellation / refund for the order is not provided due to the discrepancy between the start time and the speed of the order. The information specified in the description of the service is approximate and may vary depending on the load on the server of the service, on updates in the social network, on ongoing work, etc.
  10. Cancellation/refund for an order is not provided in the event of unsubscribes/deletions/changes via the link specified in the order, unless otherwise specified in the name or description of the service - the service cannot affect the actions of the social network in the future. If unsubscriptions occur for services with a guarantee, restoration occurs in accordance with these terms of the agreement.
  11. Orders containing information that violates the terms and conditions of social networks, or the current legislation of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries, can be canceled without a refund. Check orders carefully before shipping.


  1. Restoration of unsubscribes is possible if provided by the service, the service and the link in the order for the replenishment period are available, the order has the status [completed], more than a day has passed since the date of the status change, or more than a day from the date of the last restoration, and the restoration date does not exceed the replenishment period specified in description of the service, minus 3 days from the order date, because additional time is needed for recovery.
  2. To restore unsubscribes, use the Refill button located in the orders menu. However, sometimes the button may not restore unsubscribes - in this case, you must send a request with the order number to the support service on the site.
  3. The period to begin restoring unsubscribes after a restoration request is 0-3 days (in rare cases it can reach 14 days). The next warranty restoration is available one day after the completion of the previous one, unless otherwise specified in the name or description of the service.
  4. Recovery is provided only for that order, the quantity at the start of which is less than the current quantity on the resource or the quantity at the start + the quantity in the order is less than the current quantity on the resource.
  5. Restoring unsubscribes only guarantees the number of followers / likes / views that was delivered. There is no guarantee on the total number of followers/likes/views. For example, if the quantity at the start is 500, the order is 1000, restoring subscriptions guarantees 1000 subscribers / likes / views, not 1500.
  6. When ordering a small number of followers / likes / views on a resource with a large number of followers / likes / views, for example, 1000 followers on an account with tens or hundreds of thousands of followers, recovery of unfollowers is not guaranteed.
  7. When using previously services with the type [No recovery, No return] or when placing orders with the same link on other services, and, further, when placing an order with the type [No unsubscribe], [Lifetime guarantee] or [Recovery 30 days], recovery of unsubscriptions is not provided.
  8. When ordering a service with the words [No unsubscribes], a guarantee for unsubscribes is not provided if it is not provided for this service.


  1. Withdrawal of funds on the site is provided within seven working days after a request to the support service in case of impossibility to fulfill obligations on our part.
  2. Withdrawal of funds in other cases involves charging a commission of 50% of the withdrawal amount.
  3. If, after the payment has been credited, you try to return it through the technical support of electronic payment systems, we reserve the right to cancel all orders and block your profile in the Service. In addition, we reserve the right to cancel your already completed orders.
  4. Fraudulent activity, such as the use of stolen credit card or electronic payment accounts, will result in your account being suspended.


  1. The service is not responsible for any damage, blocking, deletion of information on the resource or deletion of the resource.


This public offer (hereinafter referred to as the "Offer") is an official offer of the service to conclude with any individual, hereinafter referred to as the "User", a contract for the provision of services on the terms specified in the text of the Offer. The acceptance of this Offer is carried out by authorization by the User on the Service.

Acceptance of the Offer means familiarization and full, unconditional and unconditional consent of the User with the conditions and requirements specified in the Offer. From the moment of acceptance of the Offer, the Agreement for the provision of information Services between the Contractor and the User is recognized as concluded and agreed between them, and its terms are subject to mandatory execution by the Parties.


For the purposes of this Offer, the following terms are used in the following meaning:
1.1. Service - a website owned by the Contractor, located at https://smmsend.com.
1.2. User - an individual who independently registered on the site and / or uses (used) its functions.
1.3. Order - the User's application to receive the performance of the service functions specified in the text of this Offer.
1.4. Account - a section of the Site provided to the User, containing information about him, his Orders, etc.
1.5. Balance - information about the User's personal account on the Service, reflecting the balance of funds not spent on the function, received from him to the Contractor's settlement account.


2.1. Within the framework of this Offer, the Contractor, at the User's Order, undertakes to provide the User with services for providing the Site for use in order to place the User's orders, as well as to receive additional services related to this information, and the User undertakes to pay for these Services in the amount, on the terms and in the manner established by the Offer . Payment for orders is made from the balance of the User. It is prohibited to withdraw funds for reasons not provided for by the offer.
2.2. The list and cost of the Contractor's Services are published on the Website.


3.1. Payment for the Contractor's Services is carried out in a non-cash way by transferring funds to the Contractor's settlement account. The amount of money transferred to the Contractor's settlement account is displayed on the User's Personal Account and, when Ordering, is automatically debited from the User's Personal Account to pay for the Services.
3.2. The date of payment is the date of receipt of funds to the settlement account of the Contractor.
3.3. The use of funds on the balance of the site is possible only to pay for the functions of the service. Withdrawal to an electronic wallet or any other payment method, transfer to another user is not possible.


4.1. The fact of the provision of Services under this Offer is confirmed by the mark of the Contractor in the User's Personal Account.


5.1. In case of non-performance or improper performance of obligations, the Parties shall be liable under the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
5.2. If the User does not pay for the Services, the Contractor has the right to suspend the provision of the Services to the User and restrict the User's access to the Site.
5.3. The user of the service does not have the right to forcibly, through threats, blackmail or extortion, demand to make a transfer or return of funds that were spent on the functions of the service.
5.4. The Parties are released from liability for violation of the terms of this Agreement, if such violation is caused by force majeure circumstances (force majeure circumstances). The parties agreed that such actions, in particular, are the actions of state authorities, local self-government, fire, flood, earthquake, other acts of nature, lack of electricity and / or computer network failures, strikes, civil unrest, riots. In the event of force majeure circumstances, the deadlines for fulfilling the obligations specified in the Agreement are postponed for the period during which the circumstances have arisen.


6.1. The parties have established a pretentious pre-trial procedure for settling disagreements and disputes. The term for responding to the submitted claim is 30 (thirty) business days from the date of its receipt by the Party.
6.2. Only technical support, the service operator has the right to make an exclusively correct solution to the dispute. The contractor or his representative, the technical support operator has the right to refuse to solve the problem or user's complaints if there are any violations behind him.


7.1. To fulfill its obligations under this Offer, the Contractor has the right to involve third parties.
7.2. The User hereby consents to the storage, processing and transfer, including the transfer to a third party, of data about his orders.
7.3. The use of personal data and other information of the User, including that provided during registration on the Site, under this Offer is carried out solely for the purpose of fulfilling its obligations by the Contractor.
7.4. The User hereby agrees to receive various service and information messages from the Contractor by mail, telephone (including mobile) communications, e-mail and other forms and channels for sending/receiving information.


8.1. This Offer comes into force from the moment it is posted on the Site.
8.2. This Offer is placed for an indefinite period and loses its force when it is canceled by the Contractor.
8.3. If changes are made to the Offer, such changes come into force from the moment the new version of the Offer is published on the Site, unless a different date for the entry into force of the changes is additionally determined upon their publication. The Contractor has the right to unilaterally make changes to the text of the Offer.
8.4. The User undertakes to independently monitor changes in the provisions of this Offer and bear responsibility for the consequences associated with non-compliance with this obligation.
8.5. If the User does not agree with the relevant changes, the User is obliged to stop using the Site and refuse the Services of the Contractor. Otherwise, the continued use of the Site by the User means that the User agrees to the terms of the Offer in the new edition.

Privacy Policy

The Service guarantees that no information received from you will ever and under no circumstances be provided to third parties, except as otherwise provided by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

In certain circumstances, the Service may ask you to register and provide personal information. The information provided is used solely when processing an order in the Service or to provide the visitor with access to special information.

Personal information can be changed, updated or deleted at any time in the Personal Account section.

In order to provide you with information of a certain kind, the Service, with your consent, may send informational messages to the e-mail address specified during registration. You can opt out at any time through the settings in the Personal Account section.

Like many other sites, the Service uses cookie technology, with which it is configured to work with you personally. When paying for orders in our store using credit cards or other payment systems, all transactions with them are carried out on a special mobile banking terminal (similar to paying with a credit card in a supermarket). At the same time, no confidential information, except for the notice of payment, is transmitted to the Service.